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Water Infographic

Using Design to Educate

Water is something I'm passionate about. Sounds weird, right? 


It's essential to life, yet, more than one-third of the world's population lack access to sanitation facilities and safe water.  I created this infographic to create awareness because the statistics are staggering.  The ripple effect of living without sanitation leads to illness and death.


For those who are surviving, they're still burdened with diminished opportunities, particularly for girls. Girls are often denied education because schools lack sanitation facilities required for them to attend.  Instead, they spend the majority of their day collecting and carrying water (Source:  In fact, it's estimated that women in these countries spend 200 million hours a day collecting water...just to live (Source:  


To learn more about the water crisis and affordable ways you can help, ($20 can help build a safe water well through, check out one of these websites:

Info source used for infographics:


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