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Branding's Main Event
Building a Brand for a National Tech Website's Main Event

Opportunity: GeekWire’s biggest event of the year occurs every December celebrating the region’s tech community, nonprofit groups and startups. More than 1,000 attendees grace the fun filled event where GeekWire recognizes Newsmakers of the Year. Cofounder Todd Bishop wanted to create something unique and memorable.

Solution: Our collaboration resulted in a custom identity with a huge fun factor and an original font design. The characters depicted diverse geeky hipsters in celebration mode. How often do you get to illustrate tuxedo tees and anchor tattoos? The new GeekWire Gala identity was carried across main website, event page, digital ad sizes, email marketing and the event itself.


The logo was so well received that it has since become the official logo of the GeekWire Gala. Continued collaboration includes strategic consulting on sponsor partnership kit, web UI/UX and leveraging video as a marketing tool.



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